Choosing Unique Easter Gifts and Decorations

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Most people give each other chocolate bunnies and eggs or Easter baskets as Easter gifts. Plan something different this year and opt for unique Easter gifts and Easter decorations. People can also check the online gifts shop for New Zealand online gifts with the help of IT services Auckland.

Give a modern twist to the traditional Easter basket by opting for Eco-friendly Easter baskets. As an alternative to store-bought wicker baskets, choose fabric bags, decorate shoe boxes with raffia, or reuse a fruit carton by attaching pipe cleaner handles. Fill it with shredded newspaper and magazine pages, Spanish moss, raffia or a small, pastel-colored blanket and decorate it with flowers and leaves for a floral look.

Instead of choosing regular chocolates and candies, select fair trade and organic candies. You can also gift a garden-themed basket packed with tools and supplies to those who love gardening. Fill baskets with seed packets, gardening gloves, watering cans, recycled plastic gardening shoes, trowels and even an Easter bonnet.

Make Easter gifts even more special by personalizing them for friends and family. A customized photo frame in pastel hues like lavender, pink, butter yellow or soft green makes for a great Easter gift for girls and children. Have the frame personalized with the recipient’s name along with a special message. Another unique Easter gift idea is a personalized monogrammed bracelet. These bracelets come in different colors and you can add trinkets for a decorative look. A monogrammed Easter pendant also makes a special gift. With a wide variety of designs available, you can monogram the initials of the recipient on the pendant.

Easter decorations can make your home look decorative and festive, and also make great Easter gifts. Gift your dear ones an Easter table centerpiece that will accentuate the décor of their modern home. For a fun centerpiece, select different colors and patterns of china egg-cups and arrange them on a silver tray. Instead of using regular eggs, use chocolate eggs. Martini glasses filled with chartreuse excelsior and miniature chocolate eggs create stylish ornamental birds’ nests. Easter decorations like crackle glass Easter eggs are ornaments that will make a home look festive.


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