Cookie of the Month Club: A Sweet Gift Idea

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Are you a cookie connoisseur?  Then you have got to try one of the cookie of the month clubs!  This is a fairly new type of monthly club.  Instead of going to a bakery and finding huge cookies people can now join a club and have them delivered to their home.


How Cookie of the Month Clubs Work


There are two types of plans that are seen most often.  One of the plans that is available with some the clubs entails choosing the length of time that you want to stay with the club.  There are cookie of the month clubs that have 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month plans that you can purchase.  There are those clubs that have only two options 6 month and 12 month plans as well as clubs that you can join for 12 months.  Payments for these plans vary as much as the length of the plans.  Approximate cost of a plan can range from $20 and up for one month.


One of the cookie clubs we saw reviewed is set up so that you can pay by the month but most are set up on plans where you pay for the period of your membership. Always read carefully how the payment system works prior to deciding which plan to chose. For example, 2 lbs of cookies cost $39.95 for a three month plan.   Upon checking this one out, it looks like all you will pay is $39.95 plus tax for the plan.  What you actually are agreeing to pay is $39.95 per month plus tax which for a total amount of $129.85 plus tax for the three month plan that you have chosen. They are not necessarily trying to trick you. They are actually giving you a breakdown price. It is always up to us to read and understand exactly how much and what we are purchasing. For those not wanting to join a cookie of the month club, with most clubs you can purchase a one time gift basket or tin of cookies as an alternative option.


Reason to Join a Cookie of the Month Club


How much would it cost for you to make great cookies from scratch, not a mix or from the refrigerator department in the store, a good homemade cookie?  If you have very far to go to a store today the cost of gas alone would be a reason to join a cookie of the month club. Try buying fresh butter and all the ingredients that it takes to bake those cookies.  Going to a bakery is a wonderful experience but can be just as costly as joining a club to get this quality of cookie.  What a wonderful gift to give for cookie lover friends you have.  Ok, so say you have a vegan friend or one that eats only organic foods.  These types of cookie of the month clubs also exist and have different plans to choose from as well. Grandma, you can’t be there to bake the cookies. How about sending them every month?


There are many good reasons to join cookie of the month clubs. And there is a club to fit most pocketbooks and time frames.  A little research can help you find the gift of the month club that best suited to your needs from gourmet to wholesome homemade.  Give a smile by giving cookies.


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