Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

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Often couples just cannot make a decision about what gifts to present to their guests and in this situation it always worth falling back on edible wedding favor ideas. You can of course provide savory favors which can be novel but the vast majority will prefer something sweet. Quite often, a bar of chocolate candy in a specially designed wedding wrapper is effective enough to make a good impression. Chocolate candy bars come in so many varieties it can be difficult to choose something you can guarantee everyone one will appreciate. Not only can the bride and groom have the wedding details printed on the candy wrapper but a special loving message can also be placed on there.

Many couples decide to personalize their favor even more by having a picture of them on the wrapper. Couples that would prefer something different for their edible wedding favors should try candy in a tin instead. These tins become mementos of the big day if the bride and groom have gone to the trouble of having the wedding details placed on every tin. The great thing about using tins is they last long after the wedding day is over and can be used as a place to put your small items such as paper clips to other stationery items for example. Overall, edible wedding favors are the most popular and candy is at the top of the list.

A simple option here is to use a large glass display bowl that is full of various types of candy. An addition to this is to have special boxes made up for every guest with the details of the wedding and if you have decided on a theme of some kind then the box or container can match this. The guests can fill the containers with some of the candy from the centerpiece at the end of the evening. If you are looking for a different edible wedding favor idea then why not try arranging for the guests to have cookies instead of candy. Undecorated cookies are best because they are supposed to go inside a decorated box which can have the wedding day details printed on it.

Plain cookies are also easier to use if you decide to have your images inserted onto them. It won’t be difficult locating a bakery that can do this type of work and you can speed up the process even more by supplying your own ideas on how you would like the cookies to look. There is no reason why the edible wedding favors cannot be drinks; there are plenty to choose from but coffee and tea are likely to be the most popular. Tea, coffee and cocoa are very popular with many people and there a huge range to choose from these days so you would not have just stick with the most popular available. The packaging could also contain details of the marriage and if the budget allows, a picture of them could be printed on it also. These are just a few wedding favor ideas for your guests.

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