Meaningful Tips for Bridal Shower Party Gifts

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Women are excited to attend bridal shower parties. This is one occasion where the attendees do not only eat, chat, and leave. Bridal shower parties are where the unexpected happens- right in the eyes of the surprised bride and the all-adult guests, composed of the sisters, friends, cousins, and even the mother of the bride. Surely, the naughtiest thing can happen in one night, courtesy of the party host.

Bridal shower parties are often a bewilderment for the bride. She has no single clue as to how the celebration will come along. But what she is sure of is that there are bridal party gifts that she has to open in front of all of them.

As one of the invited guests, you are excited to attend and give your bride-friend some groomsmen gifts she will treasure – or use during the honeymoon. What should you give her? If you have no idea, consider this list:

1. A pair of monogrammed wine glass

Two monogrammed wine glasses can be used during the toasting of the bride and the groom. But, they can to be used during the honeymoon. More often than not, the bride and the groom drink wine together before anything else. They eliminate stress from the hours-ago celebration and they try to relax.

2. A bottle or two of wine

Of course, a pair of monogrammed wine glass needs a wine. This will absolutely set the night mood for the bride and the groom.

3. Baby doll nighties

She will surely need this. His man will surely love to see her in this. Is there a need to ask why? Okay, the bride in her ever daring baby doll nighties will surely bring more excitement to the already-thrilled groom.

4. Bubble bath products

Before the wine drinking, the bride and groom would definitely love to bath in a jacuzzi tub. So, do not have a second thought. Obtain bubble bath products suitable for jacuzzi. Let your ringbearer gifts bring their excitement to a ‘higher’ level.

5. A vacation package

If you can afford it, bring them to a new place where they will enjoy the company of each other and the nature. They will thank you for their first-ever travel as husband and wife.

6. A sweet perfume

A sweet-smelling bride for a lovely honeymoon night – this will surely make the groom in a ‘fighting’ mood.

7.  Do-not-disturb door knob hanger

Make a personalized do-not-disturb door knob hanger. So, you have to put this in the hanger: “It is our wedding night…you get out!” Everyone will surely smile before leaving your door steps.

If you choose to give one or two items from this list as bridal gifts, your bride-friend will definitely express her enjoyment and appreciation. In fact, if you will share this list to some of the guests, it will provide more fun and excitement. Do not make the bride open each tokent and show it to everyone. Let each giver make a naughty description or use of each gift. It will definitely bring the house down!

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