One Elegant Present Any Cook Is Sure to Appreciate

It's about that time of the year again, when your calendar is packed with birthdays, weddings, and holidays. Your friends and family already have too many fondue sets at home already. And, they surely already have a preferred set of wine glasses.

Gift certificates? Might as well simply give them money so they can spend it on whatever they like instead. Either way, they'll definitely not remember what you got them this year.

It's difficult to find something unique. Something that says, "I care". However, if they enjoy cooking, baking, or brewing, or if they are an espresso snob, I just could have the idea you're looking for – the stylish Finesseur digital kitchen scale. It's simple to use and attractive enough to become a permanent part of kitchen decor.

Functionality – It's a simple truth that measuring cups and spoons cause errors. The measurements often are 10% more or less, depending on the mood of the person who is doing the measurement. On the other hand, weight measurements are the same – every single time. So, a kitchen scale is the must have tool for the perfect baguette or tiramisu. Measuring in both pounds, ounces, and grams, this Finesseur kitchen scale is the perfect gift for that foodie who likes to show off their skills with those European gourmet recipes.

Look – The grace of its minimalist design has earned the Finesseur kitchen scale numerous praises from customers, and has created a ton of buzz on Amazon. It's in a league of its own in terms of aesthetics, and bring a touch of style to any kitchen. Check out this new slide show from the latest photoshoot of the scale on YouTube:

Uniqueness – the scale is a new arrival to the U.S. So, you can be confident in giving one without worrying that they already have one.

This kitchen scale is listed on and Finesseur's website. Check it out! Highly recommended

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