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As the holidays get closer, we know there will be some people we want to give presents to.If you are on a tight budget, what can you give?Creating them a gift is cost effective and fun!

A simple thing you can create is jewelry. It lasts longer than homemade cookies and perhaps even costs less. Here are 2 easy types of jewelry to make: beaded earrings or bracelets.Due to needing less beads, earrings are generally less expensive to make.If you shop well, acrylic beads for making bracelets can be quite affordable.For larger gifts, give the person a matching set! So lets go over how to make jewelry!

Getting Started

First you need to get supplies. Most craft stores will have what you need.Both projects need wirecutters, round nose pliers, and beads. For earrings you will also want earwires, headpins and tweezers; for bracelets, you need memory wire.Most crafters will create both types of jewelry for some extra variety.

Realize that nicer beads creates better looking jewelry. Sometimes you can get freshwater pearls rather inexpensively that makes wonderful jewelry.

Making The Jewelry

Both types of jewelry need loops to be created.Use your round nose pliers to create these. To trim off extra wire, you will be using your wirecutters.

For earrings: add beads to each headpin, close off headpin with a loop and attach the loop to the earwires’ loop.

For bracelets: start by making a loop at the end of the wire. Add your beads to the wire to your desired length. Close off the memory wire with a loop when you are finished.

Nice Touches

Putting the earrings on cardboard or a blank business card makes them look more professional. Having the earrings or bracelet in a small plastic baggie helps make certain that the beautiful jewelry won’t be damaged.Nice cardboard jewelry boxes or pouches make your gift look even nicer.

Enjoy giving these great gifts!

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